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Jumped into the photography area: Focusing originally on Weddings, Portrait, Fine Art and Landscape Photography and with a specific goal in mind: Making the best out of it. New challenges had to be taken. New trends had to be set.

New paths to be walked. We was determined to change the way everyone else looked at weddings. Not only we, but couples, their families and friends

There’s a big difference between doing your job because you have to, and doing the job because you love to

No, this is not a copy from a Hallmark card. This is what the heart has to say when it’s being offered every time we take our camera.

If you believe in true artistry, and you enjoy at least a little bit of fine photography Most likely you’ll feel like home with us. Welcome in.

Experience: We have successful in creating a very special style, with over ten years of experience in the industry. Thanks to the hard work, we got in 2011 the certification of PPA (Professional Photographers of America).

Services: Laentwo Photographers will provide a golden opportunity to enjoy some pictures which are yourselves, where the essence of the couple will play in their favor and that will get the best out of every moment letting everything flow.

Avoiding forced postures, the couple gets the best of themselves and the photographer takes to get the best pictures.

Laentwo Photographers will feature fresh ideas designed and adapted to you, getting the authenticity of the photo.

The Laentwo Photographers proposal is based on taking the picture not as a job but a passion. With the clear objective of getting the best of you and offer a different session, exclusively adapted to the two and their big day.

Our wedding proposals also provide very different techniques and present proposals that may be of interest as:

  1. Wedding Photography at your destination.
  2. Wedding Photography the location for
  3. Wedding Photography Studio
  4. Photo casual the couple
  5. Photography with family
  6. Trash the dress
  7. Non trash the dress trash


  1. Deliveries all copies in originals? yes
  2. What style of photography do you do? Weddings, Portrait, Glam, Fashion, Photojournalism.
  3. What states of Mexico work? México and the U.S.
  4. Does it cost extra to traveling? Yes
  5. Do you work alone or you have a professional team? In team
  6. Charge per hour or per event? event
  7. If necessary, can you work overtime? yes
  8. How do you charge overtime? Depends on the event
  9. How far in advance should contact you? As soon as possible. The agenda fills up fast
  10. Payment: 50% deposit and 50% upon delivery of the work.


From 250 to 1,600 USD.




Mobile phone: 612-155-8950
Mobile phone: 553-222-4220

Photographers: Laura Zárate , Enrique Martínez

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